Mega 30 is a vibrant reality, sailing in numbers in North America and European waters.

Just a few of the locations where Mega 30 is sailing include:
  • Gulf of Santa Catalina (off San Diego)
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • Long Island Sound
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • The Gulf Stream (off Florida's Gold Coast)
  • Lake Pontchartrain
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • North Atlantic (off Halifax)
  • Straits of Georgia
  • Puget Sound
  • Lake Lasier in Georgia
  • North Sea
  • Baltic Sea


"Well over 100 Megas have been sold to date and the orders are continuing to roll in at both out Niagara and Rhode Island plants", reports MICHAEL SPICER, Director of North American Production Sales. "Our dedication to this bold new concept is reassured when the public gets on the boat, and enthusiasm soars when the boat is sailed. This thirty-foot, trailerable sailboat, the unique joint venture of C&C and North Sails, has already established a dominant position in the one design field, being an ideal family boat as well as a performance craft"

And DAVID GEE of Marketing recognizes the great work of the total C&C team when he says "Mega embodies new material, technological, and process innovations that could only have been implemented successfully with the full co-operation of our operating personnel."

Comments from around the C&C dealer network are most favorable:

TIM MURRAY of New Orleans sailed his first M.O.R.C. race and finised twenty minutes ahead of the next boat, a Cal 2-30. "People are amazed when they see how easy it is to launch and sail a Mega and are astounded at the storage available below, which makes for a very shipshape boat."

"We will have at least seven Megas entered in the 14th annual Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association Week, the last week in July," says ED LUGOSSY of Northern Marine in Kenora, Ontario. "One hundred and fifty boats are entered, 75 Canadian and 75 American." Lugossy adds he sold a number of Megas at the Winnipeg Boat Show with more customers signing orders after they try a Mega in the water.

"Everybody who sails a Mega is amazed at how well-mannered it is, the ease of handling as well as the performance of the Mega", said HARRY BARRETT of The Yacht Yard of Annapolis, Maryland. "In a two day open house, the Mega was continually sailed and the positive comments about the Mega's performance and live-aboard comfort were overwhelming."

JACQUES BEAUDET, of Wuebec City's C&C dealer, has sold a number of Megas, and placed orders for additional units. The International Regatta held annually on the St. Lawrence off that city will be using Megas exclusively.


The acceptance of Mega on the International scene is running neck and neck with the North American demand.

Word from MICHAEL SCHMIDT, our European Producton Sales Manager, indicates a high demand for Mega in the Scandinavian and Low Countries.

He goes on to report that Freddy Larson of Denmark, a former world Laser Champion, after sailing the Mega said, "The Mega is ideal for its size, weight and sailing capacity ... it's great that C&C Yachts and North Sails did not follow any fashion trends. They have produced a straight, clean bot on which you can have a lot of fun sailing, and if you are looking for speed it is the best investment anybody can have in a sailboat."

The Keil plant is currently producing Megas to the same one design standard as our North American plants. This level of quality as well as our association with North Sails will insure the one design aspect of this unique thirty-foot trailerable sailboat throught the European and North American Markets.