C&C 27
An Affordable Yacht for
the best years of your life.

Somehow she seems like a bigger yacht. Maybe it's the open, easy-to-work deck space. The more than ample cockpit. Or the spacious main salon with full standing headroom. Whatever the appeal, it has persuaded hundreds of familes to sail a C&C27.

C&C 27. Few yachts ever designed
have matched her impact on the
North American sailing scene.
Why, Because for many sailing
families the C&C27 is the best of all
worlds. Her lines have made her a
favourite and will keep her a
favourite for years to come. Her
speed and spirit have made her an
outstanding competitor throughout
the continent. And her generous
below decks appointments
including full galley, enclosed head
and sleeping accommodation for
six make her large enough for the
whole family to enjoy. Then, of
course, there's the C&C tradition of
quality. The kind of quality that still
makes the C&C 27 a better, safer,
longer lasting investment for the
years of your life.