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Redwing 30

In 1967 Hinterhoeller Ltd. commissioned Cuthbertson & Cassian (designers of the S.O.R.C. Winner - Red Jacket) to design for them a 30-footer that would be an excellent sailing 30-footer, and above all, would be a challenge to the craftsmen who have made Hinterhoeller quality and workmanship a tradition in the boating industry.

Cuthbertson & Cassian met the challenge with the Redwing 30. They designed her for speed with a high ballast-to-displacement ratio - low wetted surface, spade rudder and a high aspect sail plan.

The cruising man was also looked after - with a roomy 7'4" cokcpit, port and starboard seat lockers, genuine Burma teak for interior and exterior bright work, recessed motor control levers to prevent fouling, excellent sleeping accomodations for five - complete galley and a dinette.

Hinterhoeller Ltd., met the challenge by selecting the best hardware and building materials available.

Shortcuts in production are not considered at Hinterhoeller Ltd. for the sake of sacrificing quality in any stage of production. EXAMPLES: each and every bulkhead, bunktop and shelf is bedded and laminated to the hull, chainplates are fabricated to meet the exact toggle width, every turnbuckle comes with a toggle. The mainsheet slides on a full width traveller, foller bearing winches are used exclusively. 12'6" genoa tracks are standard, etc., etc.

Redwing 30 is a going machine. She is at her best going to weather over a variety of wind velocities; runs and reaches exceedingly well in light to moderate winds, and she runs with the best heavy displacement boats in hard weather.

Racing or cruising, Redwing 30 is the ultimate in performance and comfort that can only be attained through quality workmanship and attention to the most minute details by Hinterhoeller craftsmen in the Hinterhoeller tradition.