Trapper Models

Trapper 500/501

The hull is the Canadian designed C&C 27. The originals had lead keels but the Trappers have cast iron. This produces a lighter boat which needs less wind to drive it but with a higher c of g.Originally the boats were named after North American Indian tribes although not exclusively. The 501 was produced in 1981 on the same hull but with different roof and inner mouldings. Late 500's were made with 501 inner mouldings.

Trapper 28

The 28 was designed by C&C and in Canada is known as a Viking. They are the same length as the 501 but a more slim lower boat with more traditional lines and a counter stern. See the review of the Viking 28.

Jagularen - Sweden

Eun Mara - Scotland

Blushing - Stockholm, Sweden

In Skaelsor, SW Zealand, Denmark

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