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Consists of two main pieces (I'll call them spreaders) and 25 slats. The slats measure 1-1/4" wide by 3/8" thick and 8-1/2" long They are attached to the spreaders with a 1/8" gap between each piece

The spreaders are two pieces of wood cut out of a 1-1/4" thick plank. Overall, each piece is 29 3/8" long and up to about 7-3/4" height. I don't believe the dimensions for the curve need to be that exact, as long as you make each half a mirror image and then replicate for the two identical spreaders, use french curves to make is all smooth and appealing. I took the following profile measures, at two inch intervals along the base of the seat to the centerline:

1" height at the edge
1-1/4" height at 2"
1-5/8" height at 4"
3- 1/8" height at 6"
5" height at 8"
6-1/2" height at 10"
7-5/8" height at 12"
7-3/4 ' height at center.

An elliptical hole is cut out of the seat spreaders leaving 1-1/2 of wood along the top and 1" of wood along the base - again, this is not critical I would leave more along the bottom if a heavy-set person is going to be on the wheel.

The slats attach to the spreaders with recessed screws, likely wood glue, and a wood plug on top I would use a stainless steel screw. The spreaders are spaced 5-3/8" apart (important to mate with seat brackets) and the slats are attached evenly to slightly overhang each spreader by about 3/8"


Two pieces of 1-1/4" thick wood, 8-1/4" long. The ends are 7/8" height for 1-1/2" width on the two ends The middle portion is 1-5/8" height for 5-1/4" width (this is important as it mates with the space between the spreaders) Two screws hold each bracket into the cockpit wall and they
are mounted such that the seat is even with the cockpit seats on the edges and then the seat rises at the wheel. I found my brackets to be mounted 2-3/8" in from the stem and 14-1/4" up from the gutter to the base of the mount. The screws were recessed in and wood plugs applied The screws are about 1/2" up from the bottom of the mount and in about 1-1/4" from the edges.

Please note, these dimensions are specific to my make and model of boat, a C&C 27 MK III You may need to adjust the length and curvature of the seat, and location of mounting brackets to suit other vessels.

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