Safety Considerations:
(1) Ensure sheets and halyards are clear to run and not tangled.
(2) DO NOT stand in any bights.
(3) Communication is the key to safe, smooth spinnaker flying.
(4) Always keep a turn or two on the spinnaker halyard winch while dousing.

General Situation:
Assume beam to broad reaching in moderate conditions. Desired headsail has already been hanked on. This sequence of events assumes the spinnaker will be tripped with a fid. There are other methods of dousing the spinnaker.

Required Positions:
(1) Helmsman.
(2) Bow.
(3) Mast.
(4) Mainsheet.
(5) Topping Lift.
(6) Spinnaker Guy.
(7) Spinnaker Sheet.
(8) Genoa Sheet. This may be covered by Spinnaker Sheet.
(9) Gatherers.

Sequence of Events:
(1) Helmsman call out "Standby to douse the spinnaker".
(2) Bow ensures genoa is ready to hoist, has fid accessible, standsby to jump genoa halyard, and reports "Ready" to Helmsman.
(3) Mast ensures spinnaker halyard is clear to run, prepares to tail genoa halyard and reports "Ready" to Helmsman.
(4) Mainsheet ensures sheet is clear, prepares to assist getting spinnaker below, and reports "Ready" to Helmsman.
(5) Topping Lift prepares to lower outboard end of the pole to the Bow, ensures foreguy is clear, and reports "Ready" to Helmsman.
(6) Spinnaker Sheet prepares to trim genoa sheet once sail is hoisted, continues to trim spinnaker and reports "Ready" to Helmsman.
(7) Gatherers position themselves by leeward shrouds, take the lazy guy in hand, and report "Ready" to Helmsman.
(8) After receiving "Ready" reports from crew, Helmsman calls out "Hoist the genoa".
(9) Bow and Mast hoist genoa and call "High". Bow goes to pulpit with fid in hand and reports "Ready". Mast secures genoa halyard, shifts to spinnaker halyard taking it from the self tailer taking position so as to be able to see the Gatherers, and reports "Ready".
(10) After receiving "High" call, genoa is trimmed.
(11) After receiving "Ready" calls from Bow and Mast, Helmsman calls out "Douse the spinnaker".
(12) Topping Lift eases so that Bow can reach the pole.
(13) Spinnaker Guy eases pole forward so Bow can reach the clew.
(14) When clew is within reach, Bow uses fid to trip sheet from the spinnaker. Remember that the guy is attached to the sheet and the sheet to the spinnaker so Bow wants to trip the sheet so the spinnaker will fly free.
(15) Once spinnaker is tripped, Gatherers gather as much of the foot as possible. Take in the rest of the spinnaker as quickly as possible.
(16) Mast watches the Gatherers and lowers the spinnaker as quickly as it can be brought onboard. Try to keep it out of the water and always keep at least one turn on the winch.
(17) Spinnaker can be gathered at the rail, or it can be passed to the Mainsheet who sends it below as it is doused.
(18) Once the spinnaker is doused, lower the inboard end of the pole, ensure all lines are onboard, and repack the spinnaker. Either stow all gear or re-rig all lines and the pole.