1974 C&C 30 - Arbutus from Comox BC Canada
by Eric Dinn

Well here was our starting point (carpet of unknown age). The cabin had a musty smell that
was not unexpected in a 40 year old boat. My wife and I went through the options and we
decided that a traditional teak and holly look would fit our needs.

The first thing was to create a starting point by making some custom moulding to box in the bilge.
We used West System epoxy resin to secure the flooring

I decided to break up the cabin with horizontal solid teak strips. I like the look, and it avoided
having to hid the joints. Each piece had to be slid under existing cabinets

Here you can see how I pressed the flooring down to ensure a good bond. It was important to
do this is phases as I had only so much weight. You may have to escape through your forward hatch
from time to time. As far as starting from the front of the vessel, I decided that it was most important to
match the holly lines from the aft and work forward.

It is important to come to terms with the reality that THERE ARE NO STRAIGHT LINES OR RIGHT
ANGLES ANYWHERE. Most pieces I cut larger and sanding into place. Your rotary tool will be your
best friend. Also remove your cushions and avoid the dust.

Here is where the curve of the sole came into play and I ended up scoring and bending pieces before
putting them in place.

Pic 7

I used Interlux Schooner and Iím not going to comment on the thinner and procedure (Do a bunch of reading!)

First coat done, as you can see very patchy

Ninth coat done and solid teak bilge cover in place. (All I can say about the finish is youíll have to accept a
hair or a line at some point. NO ONE NOTICES)

Pic 11

Inlaying the bilge cover with a pick up.

Approximate cost of this project was 1500 cdn. We loved the end result and find it makes a huge
difference in how we feel while inside the boat. This was a lot of work, but if have an appreciation for
woodwork then I believe you will find it worth it.

Email Eric for more info.