The C&C 30 foot Mark I

As for C&C 30 Mk I , I should have put that on my list of favorite C&C's and don't know how I missed it. (another senior moment) Some would probably call it the "quintessential" C&C design. When one thinks of what a "C&C" is, 30 exudes that classic essence. I would guess it is the single most recognizable C&C ever built. I think it and 27 (all 5 of them) were unique in C&C's history in that they would not die. C&C programed them out of the line to be replaced by newer designs, the market place demanded them back and C&C had no choice but to bring them back, again and again. (what would we do without MK's ?) At the time when we both bought boats through the employee purchase plan, Bruce Rollins and I handled all north american sales. Bruce bought a 30. 30 was my choice also and the only reason I didn't do likewise, was the 20+ strong fleet of 29's racing one design out of the Youngstown Yacht Club.

So, 30 foot owners, you can take comfort in the fact that those of us in the company preferred the 30.