C&C 34

by Rob Ball

The C&C 34 incorporates a number of developments and fine improvements from the successful C&C 33, The moderate displacement design has basic V-shaped sections for upwind performance with a subtle flattening in the sections amidships to help downwind boat speed.

The stern sections are powerful and full to generate added sailing length -- a feature most effective when heeled. In addition, there is a small fairing in the hull forward of the rudder to assist smooth flow of water aft and added directional stability when sailing off the wind. The rudder is tucked up into the hull, lowering wetted surface in light air conditions and at the same time providing an increase in area for high speed situations when immersed in a quarter wave. The high aspect ratio keel incorporates a new tip configuration to increase lift of the fin without any increase in drag.

Above the deck, the C&C 34 has a high aspect ration sailplan to generate a good lift/drag ratio. Mast and rigging design incorporates a single spreader rig with intermediate shrouds, rod rigging throughout, and a slim modified diamond-shpaed spar with bolt rope incorporated. The lower section of the spar is supported by a tripod arrangement with an optional adjustment available on the jackstay.

Accommodation below is greater than found on most 3/4 ton yachts. Aft on the starboard side is a large U-shaped galley including a gimballed three-burner stove with oven, a deep stainless steel sink, and a large well insulated ice box. With more headroom and a substantial increase in storage space for food and cutlery, the galley is extremely efficient. Aft on the port side, the chart table and navigation area provide a practical working area and extra counter space for food preparation, and the wide quarter berth aft of the navigator is large and airy.

Results to date indicate the C&C 34 has the ability to point extremely high and handle a chop or seaway. Offwind performance appears excellent and the rudder extremely effective -- even in the most extreme weather. We are more than satisfied with the C&C 34 design. If performs well, has good handing characteristics and contains all the features for comfortable living on board a yacht.