I met George Cuthbertson while trying to find a Canadian company to manufacture our boats under license. I was VP of Sales and Marketing for Lockley Recreational Products (New Castle, Pa. based producer of car top sailboats, iceboats and All Terraine Vehicles.) George wasn't interested in building Lockely boats but was interested in me. I joined C&C in 1977 as Inland Dealer Sales Manager. I was to establish an inland dealer network for 24, 26 and Mega, which was then just an idea. Once that network was established, I went on to be sales manager for the entire line. C&C was constantly changing areas of reponsibility and through my five years there I handled sales and marketing at various times for all of Canada and all of the US, except the north east coast. I moved on to become Project Manager for the Mega during which time I officed at corporate in Oakville. When that project was complete, I reverted to sales and marketing based in NOTL. I left C&C in the fall of 1982 shortly after it suffered the unfriendly buy out by Plaxton and the entire company began to unravel under the new ownership. (Within a year 80% of the key players who had built C&C and guided it through its heydays were gone.) Rather unbelievably during my five years at C&C, I had 6 different job titles, 8 different offices and 10 different bosses, based at all four of our North American facilities. I had one boss, Wes Dalby, who I worked for three different times in three different jobs. My favorite boss was George, on the Mega project.

I chime in when memory serves and its fun to recall the "good old days" and they were good at C&C back then. Their products reflected the best thinking of some of the best minds in the industry at the time. And George had his finger on the pulse of everything that was going on and a firm hand on the helm. A strong leader with vision, a talented designer, and a man for whom I have the upmost respect. I'm delighted to hear he is doing well and send my best regards. I wish we could entice the likes of George, Robbie Ball, Rob Mazza and others onto this list. I know they could expand greatly on what I remember and I'm sure would "correct my recollection" of things from time to time. A wealth of knowledge that I wish we could tap.

Here is what Hank has said about some of our "Classic" Boats

The C&C 29 foot

The C&C 30 foot Mark I